Dinamika Mekanisme Alternatif Penyelesaian Sengketa Dalam Konteks Hukum Bisnis Internasional

  • Andi Ardillah Albar Program Magister Ilmu Hukum Universitas Trisakti, Jakarta
DOI: https://doi.org/10.35814/jhko.v1i1.419
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Keywords: alternative dispute resolution, international business law


Alternative dispute resolution is a dispute resolution mechanism that offers advantages compared to disputes resolving through a court mechanism. Now, international business activities are more complex, and there are also many potential disputes among business people. Therefore, the existence of a dispute resolution mechanism is important to provide, especially a more effective and efficient dispute resolution mechanism. Now the mechanism contained in the Dispute Resolution Alternative is more diverse, including the mechanisms of consultation, conciliation, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and even online arbitration. Unfortunately, Indonesia, through Law No. 30 of 1999, still cannot respond to the needs and existence of the online arbitration.